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Everyday living is destructive to the Environment.  Here are just a few things you can do to help reduce your Carbon Footprint! 


You Can Be Carbon Free   Ask Me!

Daphne Tremayne is a graduate of Peconic Community College and holds an associates degree in marketing.  She is an avid yoga practitioner and assistant instructor at the Gaia Yoga and Women’s Holistic Wellness Center in Stirling Harbor.






The Little Things We All Can Do To Reduce Our Carbon Footprint by Daphne Tremayne, Vice President, Public Relations

Like me, you've probably realized that everyday living is a catastrophe for the environment! In many ways, our modern lifestyle has done so much to contribute to ecological degradation and Global Warming. But have you ever really considered what you can do to change things? Here are just a few little things you can do to reduce your Carbon Footprint!


  • Stop Having Children

I know! I know! Children are as cute as all get-out, but have you ever really considered how much carbon one child puts into the atmosphere? Over a single lifetime, the amount is practically immeasurable. One of the best all-around things for the environment would be fewer people in the world. Until governments wake up and start passing "one child per-family" laws, the best way you can help reduce the collective Carbon Footprint is through voluntary sterilization. Most insurance policies cover the cost of tubal ligations as well as vasectomies, and for the poor, many clinics will do these procedures for free. And let's face it--there are just too many poor people in the world!


  • If You Must Have Children, Buy Baby Credits

Baby Credits are similar to regular Carbon Credits, however, instead of being backed by non-productive parcels of land, Baby Credits are backed by non-productive women of child-bearing age. We at GreenTremayne have contracted to purchase Fair Trade Baby Credits from tuberculosis sanatoriums in Africa, where quarantining has resulted in the segregation of male and female patients. With every Baby Credit you purchase, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your money goes to support non-productive women in the developing world. And because poverty is rampant in Africa, Baby Credits can be purchased at bargain prices. Baby Credits make great shower gifts. See our products page for more information about ordering Baby Credits!


  • Slow Down Your Breathing

It sounds silly, but breathing is actually a major source of atmospheric carbon. One of the ways you can reduce your Carbon Footprint is to breathe less. That's right, breathe less! You're probably asking yourself how that's possible, but believe it or not, yoga is a great way to slow down the metabolism and reduce the need for excessive breathing. If you're not already into yoga, consider taking classes at your local studio. Soon, you'll be breathing less, and as an added bonus, feel much less stressed out!


  • Reduce Your Use of Paper Products

The use of paper plates, paper napkins and paper towels all adds to your Carbon Footprint. Whenever possible, consider using china plates, as well as reusable cloth napkins and cloth dish towels. Reusable plates and napkins are much more economical, and over time you'll save a bundle. Also, have you ever considered how much toilet paper you actually use? This, too, is a major contributor to your overall Carbon Footprint. Although inconclusive, studies suggest that eating less might reduce the need to defecate, thus leading to a reduction in toilet paper consumption. However, clinical tests prove that regular bowel movements are essential for good health. The most promising solution seems to be an holistic approach. Consider switching to a reusable toilet sponge. Store your toilet sponge in a mild vinegar and water solution in a receptacle next to the commode and use it the same way you would toilet paper. Instead of discarding your sponge, rinse it after each use before placing it back in the vinegar and water solution. This is a great way to recycle kitchen sponges and sponge mop heads once they've become too old for conventional use. Not only will you reduce your Carbon Footprint, but you'll save a ton of money too!


  • Euthanize Your Old Pet

Pets have become a common feature in most homes and are an attribute of the modern, Western lifestyle. We all love our dogs and cats, but really, when you think about it, pets are a major producer of excess carbon. One of the best ways to reasonably enjoy your pet and reduce your overall Carbon Footprint is to determine in advance how long your pet should live. As a family, set a date when your pet will be euthanized. One great way to teach children the value of pet euthanasia is to turn the occasion into a family celebration. Let's say you've set March 10, five years from now, as your pet's euthanasia date. For the next five years, celebrate March 10 as your pet's special day, with a family party and perhaps a visit to your pet's future burial spot. Teach your children to think of the occasion as a birthday in reverse. A predetermined euthanasia date will encourage your family to love and care for your furry friend while it's still young and playful. What's more, pre-planing for pet termination not only works towards reducing your family's Carbon Footprint, but guarantees long term reduction in veterinary expenses.


  • Only Purchase Books in a Downloadable Format

We all know that books make great decorations, however all the wasted paper mounts up and becomes a major source of excess carbon and pollution. One of the best ways to reduce your Carbon Footprint is to only purchases books in a digital, downloadable format. Most new books can now be downloaded to Kindle through on-line retailers like


  • Purchase Carbon Credits From GreenTremayne

The retail sale of residential Carbon Credits is something we at GreenTremayne do best. For more information, follow this link to a simple explanation of How Carbon Credits Work. If you're ready to meaningfully reduce your Carbon Footprint, visit our Products page and place your order for Carbon Credits today.


These are just a few of the things you can do to reduce your Carbon Footprint and help save the environment. Please feel free to email me with suggestions at



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