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Passing mandatory Cap and Trade legislation is an important first step toward saving the Environment. But what then? What would this government mandate mean for people living below the poverty level? How could the poor ever hope to afford enough Carbon Credits to make up for the damage caused to the Environment by everyday living?

We at GreenTremayne believe the best solution is for both the Federal and State government to subsidize the purchase of Carbon Credits for people living below the poverty level. We need to face the fact that poor people are not responsible for damaging the Environment because they have been victimized by an unjust system. For this reason, we believe it is only fair that corporations and the rich be taxed to pay for poor people's share of government mandated Carbon Credits. We believe that the passage of Cap and Trade, along with Carbon Credit subsidies for the poor, is the best way to both save the Environment and promote a more comprehensive policy of Social Justice.

Given the recent Supreme Court decision to uphold the individual mandate, we believe the time is right to press forward with plans to fundamentally transform America. In the weeks to come, we will be putting together a more comprehensive Carbon Credit subsidy plan, and hopefully, after the elections this November, we will finally get Congress to pass Cap and Trade. If we make our voices heard, we can demand that future Cap and Trade legislation includes Carbon Credit subsidies for the poor.

Your help is needed! Please pass this information to everyone you know who is concerned about the Environment as well as Social Justice. It is vital that we get behind this issue before the November elections. We would also love to hear your suggestions about how we can make this effort more successful. Feel free to email our Public Relations department with your comments and concerns. If we act together, we can make a difference!



I am so angry I could scream! I thought that the author of Biodiesel: A Novel was going to portray me in a positive light. Instead, he has done a hatchet job and his book makes me look like a complete idiot! All he does is poke fun at Environmentalism and mock our plan to save the planet by selling Carbon Credits. I HATE HIM SO MUCH!

Whatever you do, don't read that stupid book Biodiesel: A Novel by George H. Monahan. I'm also looking into our options about having that book banned. There ought to be a law against using satire to make a mockery of the Environmentalist movement!



Due to its excessive Carbon Footprint, NASCAR has been deemed one of the most environmentally destructive activities on the Planet. Not only is racing itself a blight on Mother Earth, but so to is all fan activity supporting this so-called “sport.” The massive Carbon Footprint left by people traveling to and from race venues, not to mention the excessive resource consumption by those “tailgating” outside NASCAR events, makes it necessary to have racing and all NASCAR related social activity banned.

Such draconian steps might have been avoided since NASCAR drivers and race fans have the option of purchasing Carbon Credits as a way of making up for the Environmental damage they cause. Unfortunately, however, all attempts to mandate the purchase of Carbon Credits have stalled. The only Environmentally responsible recourse is to press for a complete restriction on all race related activity. Until every NASCAR driver is forced to purchase Carbon Credits as a way of offsetting their excessive use of natural resources, we at GreenTremayne will continue working with Senator Meredith Bowdoin’s office to secure passage of a federal ban on all NASCAR related activity.

Pass this information on to everyone concerned about saving the Environment. If we all rally behind Senator Bowdoin’s bill, perhaps we can finally have NASCAR banned. For more information about reducing your Carbon Footprint, visit our Carbon Free Living web page.



America’s love affair with the automobile must come to an end. It’s time that people realize individual ownership of cars is destructive to the environment and is a privilege that the government must strictly regulate. This is especially true regarding so-called “classic” and “antique” automobiles built before the introduction of catalytic converters. Now more than ever, a draconian government crackdown on classic and antique car owners is needed so we can begin to reverse the devastating effects of auto emissions on the environment.

We at GreenTremayne believe the best way to penalize classic and antique car owners is by imposing regulations requiring them to purchase Carbon Credits. Our legal team is currently working with Senator Meredith Bowdoin’s office to draft legislation that redefines car ownership as a privilege which mandates that classic and antique car owners purchase Carbon Credits. Under this new legislation, violators will face fines and eventual automobile confiscation.

We urge that you join with us in support of this sensible legislation. For the sake of the Planet, we need to act now before it’s too late.

You can always purchase GreenTremayne Carbon Credits to offset your Carbon Footprint. For more information about placing an order, visit our Products Page. For more tips on ways to reduce your Carbon Footprint, visit our web site about Carbon Free Living.



We have been in touch with our friends in the "Occupy" movement and efforts are currently underway to ban Monahan's book, Biodiesel: A Novel. I've just finished reading his stupid book and I'M SO ANGRY! Not only does he make me out to be a total bimbo airhead, but he also completely ridicules the whole Environmentalist movement! At first, judging from the title, I thought Biodiesel: A Novel would have something to do with promoting the Green agenda. Little did I realize that Monahan is a Conservative and an avid Tea Party supporter! Instead of praising our cause, he makes us Environmentalists look like a bunch of fools! This kind of thing should be against the law!

I've been in touch with Senator Bowdoin's office and we're looking into the possibility of requiring that, in the future, some type of license or permit must be obtained before a book like this can be published. In any event, this kind of book needs to be stopped. What worries me most is that, to be painfully honest, Monahan's book is very funny and might become a best-seller. If more people read it, I'm afraid they might think that Cap and Trade and the whole Carbon Credit business is just a lot of nonsense.

Please join the boycott of Biodiesel: A Novel and help spread the word before this gets out of hand. We must silence people like Monahan!



OK, we’d all like to see guns entirely banned. Yet, for the time being, the stupid Second Amendment is in the way of banning firearms outright. However, we at GreenTremayne have come up with another way of restricting gun ownership that gets around the Constitution.

Every time a bullet is fired, the exploding gunpowder releases greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere which adds to the problem of Global Warming. We at GreenTremayne believe one of the most effective ways to get around the Second Amendment is to heighten public awareness that guns are actually a major cause of Global Warming.

The legal team at GreenTremayne is currently working with our friends in Congress to draft a bill that would require ammunition manufactures to purchase Carbon Credits as a way of offsetting the Carbon Footprint caused by exploding gunpowder. Hopefully, this cost will be passed on to gun owners, making ammunition prohibitively expensive. Since many gun nuts also load their own ammunition, this bill will be comprehensive enough to require that manufactures of reloading gunpowder also purchase Carbon Credits. This way, even the paranoid gun nut with his own reloading equipment will have to pay dearly for every bullet he makes.

Until we get rid of that stupid Second Amendment, forcing gunpowder and ammunition manufactures to purchase Carbon Credits is the best way to rein in all these dangerous gun nuts. Please join with us in supporting this sensible legislation and pass this information along to your friends. We need to act now, for the sake of the Planet… And for the victims of gun violence. For more information about signing our petition in support of this bill, email Daphne Tremayne, Vice President of Public Relations.

For more information about purchasing GreenTremayne Carbon Credits, please visit our Products Page. For more tips on ways to reduce your overall Carbon Footprint, visit our web site about Carbon Free Living.



Our legal team at GreenTremayne informs me that until the government repeals the stupid First Amendment, banning Biodiesel: A Novel is going to be very difficult. We are doing our best to inform the public that Monahan not only makes me out to be a fool, but generally ridicules the whole Environmentalist movement. This is simply intolerable and must be stopped!

Our friends in the "Occupy" movement are trying to track him down and hopefully reeducate him. Until they do, I'm afraid he'll keep doing interviews about his stupid book on talk radio. All he does is badmouth Carbon Credit marketing as a scam while taking pot-shots at what he calls the "Global Warming Hoax." We really need to silence this guy! If anyone has information about his whereabouts, please email our Public Relations department and let us know.

In the meantime, we're relying on our fellow Environmentalists to spread the word that Biodiesel: A Novel really sucks and that George H. Monahan is a misogynist who hates Mother Earth. No matter what you hear on talk radio, this book is not funny. Environmentalism must be treated with more respect and it's just plain wrong that Biodiesel: A Novel makes a mockery of our cause.



Our friends in Australia have the right idea by imposing a Carbon Tax on just about everything. This is the only sensible way of forcing consumers to help reverse the Environmental damage caused by everyday life. We here in the US should follow the courageous lead of our friends Down Under and start requiring that consumers pay heavily to eradicate their Carbon Footprint and save the Planet. Perhaps one of the simplest things we can start imposing a Carbon Tax on is beer.

Beer may be a popular beverage, but it's also one of the main contributors to the buildup of atmospheric carbon dioxide, which we all know is the sole cause of Global Warming. We at GreenTremayne are working with our friends in Congress to draft a bill requiring that both commercial beer breweries and beer "home brewers" purchase Carbon Credits as a way of offsetting the Environmental damage caused when beer releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The cost will be passed on to the consumer and hopefully the general public will learn a valuable lesson about the destructive effects of everyday living on the Environment.

Purchasing GreenTremayne Carbon Credits is a great way to make up for the Envrionmental damage caused by you and your family, and you don't have to wait for a government mandate. For more information about placing an order, visit our Products Page. For more tips on ways to reduce your Carbon Footprint, visit our web site about Carbon Free Living.



We would all like to think that businesses and corporate entities operate with the same sense of Environmental Responsibility as we do here at GreenTremayne. Sadly, this is not the case. The behavior of many companies—even small to mid-sized businesses—betray an utter lack of concern for the Planet, not to mention a complete disregard for Social Justice. For this reason, we at GreenTremayne have decided to publicize our “Wall of Shame.” Hopefully, by exposing these corporate polluters, we can shame them into buying Carbon Credits which we all know is the only hope of saving the Planet. As a good corporate citizen, GreenTremayne will offer Carbon Credits at a discount to those on the “Wall of Shame” so that they can do the right thing and become good corporate citizens like us. It’s time that these companies do their part to save the Planet.

Follow this link to see who's on the "Wall of Shame!"

If you would like to suggest a company that should be added to our “Wall of Shame,” contact our Public Relations department. If you would like to buy GreenTremayne Carbon Credits, visit our Products Page for more information about placing an order.



All efforts to silence George H. Monahan and ban his evil book Biodiesel: A Novel so far have failed. Our friends in the "Occupy" movement have been trying to locate him, but as of yet, they can't seem to track him down. We really need to get a handle on his whereabouts so our friends can pay him a little visit.

We are offering a reward of 1000 GreenTremayne Carbon Credits to anyone with information leading to the whereabouts of George H. Monahan, the author of Biodiesel: A Novel. He has gotten away with his mockery of Environmentalism too long and it's really time to reign him in.

Please call (631) 871-9960 or email our Public Relations department with any information you might have as to Monahan's whereabouts. All calls and email messages will be kept strictly confidential. Under any circumstance, DO NOT read Biodiesel: A Novel. This book is an absolute disgrace and should be banned!



There’s no two ways about it.  Traditional Western funeral practices are destructive to the planet and have become a scourge to Mother Earth!  Unless you’ve maintained an organic vegan diet your entire life, your body is full of toxins, making it a walking time bomb of pollution.  Once dead, the human body becomes essentially a mass of “toxic waste,” and its burial in Mother Earth is as destructive to the environment as would be the burial of a leaky barrel of PCBs.  This is compounded by the barbaric Western practice of embalming.  Furthermore, when you consider the additional environmental impact of all the toxic varnish and Styrofoam used in casket construction, the average cemetery becomes a veritable “Love Canal” of toxicity.  Cremation, once considered an acceptable alternative to in-ground burials, is in many ways worse, since the melting down process releases Green House gasses into the atmosphere which contribute to the overall problem of Global Warming.

As we see it, the only way to erase the Carbon Footprint caused by death is through the purchase of Carbon Credits.  We at GreenTremayne believe that our new line of Funeral Credits are a great way for surviving family members and friends of the deceased to make amends to Mother Earth for the environmental degradation caused by funerals.  Thinking ahead, one can always plan for their own interment by purchasing GreenTremayne Funeral Credits through our “lay-away” program.  Don’t put this responsibility off.  It’s always best to pre-plan for any contingency so buy your GreenTremayne Funeral Credits today.  Visit our Products Page for more information about placing an order. 



Volcanoes are wreaking havoc on the Environment!  Instead of outlawing these dangerous sources of pollution, residents in states such as Hawaii and Iceland are seeking to profit by through “volcano tourism,” by actually trying to attract visitors wishing to view lava flows and bathe in hot springs and mineral baths.  Such activity is not only intrinsically bad for Mother Earth, but instead of discouraging the volcano industry, actually promotes the ongoing release of environmentally destructive atmospheric carbon.

We at GreenTremayne are currently working with our friends in Congress to pass laws that will impose a punitive Carbon Tax on states such as Iceland and Hawaii for their greedy exploitation of the volcano tourist industry.

The good news is you don’t have to wait for a government mandate before taking action.  If you live in a state with an active volcano, purchasing GreenTremayne Carbon Credits is a great way to make up for your share of damage to the Environment. For more information about placing an order, visit our Products Page. For more tips on ways to reduce your Carbon Footprint, visit our web site about Carbon Free Living.



Use the comments form below to submit new ideas for the best way to reduce your Carbon Footprint.  All contestants eligible to win a Grand Prize of 1000 GreenTremayne Carbon Credits!

In addition, winners will be invited to appear with Vincent and Daphne Tremayne on Planet Celebrity’s hottest new reality show, Lifestyles of the Extravagantly Fabulous!  Contest ends 12/31/2013.  Prizes are non-transferable and may not be combined with GreenTremayne Baby Credits or GreenTremayne Funeral Credits.

Don’t leave the welfare of Mother Earth to chance!  For the sake of the Planet, be sure to stock up on GreenTremayne Carbon Credits, Baby Credits and Funeral Credits.  For more information about placing an order, visit our Products Page today!



We all know that domestic pets are a major cause of environmental degradation.   When you consider all the atmospheric pollutants released as a result of pet food manufacturing, not to mention the excess methane and carbon dioxide discharged in pet fecal matter, it’s a no brainer that the Environment would be better off with fewer pets on Mother Earth. 

In an effort to help save the Planet, we at GreenTremayne have teamed up with our friends at EuthanEazy for this unique offer.  For a limited time, we’re offering 100 Free GreenTremayne Carbon Credits for each domestic pet you terminate at any conveniently located EuthanEazy clinic.  This offer expires June 30, 2013.  As an added bonus, our friends at EuthanEazy are offering 15% off all domestic pet terminations!  Visit our Carbon Free Living page and print your EuthanEazy coupon today!  This offer not valid for past pet terminations or terminations performed at veterinary clinics or by other pet euthanasia services.

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