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GreenTremayne is a full service Carbon Credit retailer serving the residential and commercial market.

If you are interested in eliminating your personal or household Carbon Footprint, we can help!

Welcome to GreenTremayne!

We at GreenTremayne realize that the environmentally conscious consumer demands not just sustainable energy, but also peace of mind.  To address this growing need, we've expanded our operation to include not only the marketing of environmentally friendly Biodiesel, but also the retail sale of Carbon Credits.  We believe that Carbon Credits are the easiest, most practical way for residential consumers to reduce their existing Carbon Footprint.


Most people think oil companies are destructive polluters--greedily bent on maximizing profits by selling products that cause Global Warming.  However, we at GreenTremayne are unique in that we consider our prime mission the preservation of the environment, not the maximization of profits.

We believe the time has come for conscientious homeowners to realize that the simple routines of domestic life are destructive to the environment.  Its time for everyone to take responsibility and do whatever possible to reduce our collective our Carbon Footprint...

We need to act now...

For the sake of our Planet... For the sake of our Children!









Disclaimer: A carbon credit is a generic term for any tradable certificate or permit representing the right to emit one ton of carbon dioxide or the mass of another greenhouse gas with a carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) equivalent to one ton of carbon dioxide. The hydration equilibrium constant Kh (at 25 °C) of carbonic acid is [H2CO3]/[CO2] = 1.70×10−3: Hence, the majority of the carbon dioxide is not converted into carbonic acid, but remains as CO2molecules not affecting the pH. It is an amphoteric substance that can act as an acid or as a base, depending on pH of the solution. Do you always read the small-print? Usually the folderol in the disclaimer is boring as hell! Daphne Tremayne is a fictitious character in the book Biodiesel: A Novel by George H. Monahan.  In fact, everything at this website is satirical. Instead of wasting your time surfing the net, why not spend a few bucks and read Biodiesel: A Novel available on Come on, cheapskate! Stomp down a big Carbon Footprint and buy your copy today! Don't wait for the movie. Move it., slowpoke! Why aren't you on right now buying the book?